Tell the DEQ to Reject the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Aug 18

Join us Friday Aug. 18th to tell the NC Dept of Environmental Quality to reject the 401 water  quality certification for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The construction of the ACP threatens our wetlands, streams, rivers, springs and wells. Additionally it will destroy sites sacred to the Lumbee and Tuscarora peoples, and sieze people’s family farms for the private gain of  energy companies like Duke Energy and Dominion. The fracked gas that the ACP will bring to market will create greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to constructing 20 new coal plants or adding 14 million cars to the road.

Come out Aug 18th and tell the DEQ to protect our water and climate!

In the meantime please submit a public comment to the DEQ by Aug 19th telling them to reject the ACP:

  • Mail your own comments to: 401 Permitting, 1617 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC, 27699-1617.
  • Email your own comments to: (include “ACP” in the email’s subject line)
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July 13-17 Connect, Build Skills, Deepen our Resistance.


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June 11th, Asheville, 2017 flyers and events

June 11 is celebrated in solidarity with Marius Mason and other long term anarchist and ecological prisoners in the U.S. and around the world. There’ll be a vegan cookout and potluck, with discussions on the history of the #GreenScare, info on specific prisoners and ways to plug in locally as well as on queer and trans realities in prison from 3:30 to 5:30. The discussions will be followed by a 5:30 showing of the documentary, “Better This World,” about the entrapment of two young activists from Texas attending the 2008 RNC in St. Paul, MN, by the former Common Ground activist turned dirty, rotten, scoundrel Brandon Darby. Hosted by BRABC, Tranzmission Prison Project & Smokey Mountain Eco Defense [See image gallery at]
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Asheville Honors Jim Marker, a Veteran who Died Fighting Pipelines

Smoky Mountain Eco-Defense and fellow pipeline fighters celebrated Memorial Day in Asheville, NC by honoring a veteran who died fighting for the land he loved. Jim Marker, a veteran, father, water protector and humanitarian was killed by police in Florida this February after he was caught successfully decommissioning several pieces of construction equipment for the Sabal Trail Pipeline. After chasing Marker from the scene it is reported that police rammed his car and then shot him as he exited unarmed. Police initially claimed he fired shots at them but have since retracted this lie, and now refuse to release their video footage of the incident.

Folks gathered in the heart of downtown with signs reading “Kill Pipelines, Not People”, “Jim Marker is a Hero” and “Jim Marker Died for Duke Energy’s Sins” and handed out flyers to the tourist filled streets of Asheville. Duke Energy is a major backer of the Sabal Trail Pipeline as well as the Atlantic Coast Pipeline which SMED has been involved in fighting. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would bring fracked gas from West Virginia down into the Carolinas to feed Duke Energy’s new generation of gas power plants.

The killing of Jim Marker by police is unfortunately just one tragic episode in an escalating wave of violence against people fighting to protect the land, water, air and human rights.

You can contact the the Florida State Police at: 1-800-500-1240 and demand they release the footage of Jim Markers death.



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Remember and Resist: Memorial Day Action Against Pipelines in Honor of Jim Marker

When: Monday May 29 at 3pm

Where: Vance Monument, Downtown Asheville

Smoky Mountain Eco-Defense will be holding a protest against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline this Memorial Day in honor of Jim Marker. Jim was a father, veteran, water protector, humanitarian and dedicated environmentalist who was killed by police in Florida on February 26 after he successfully decommissioned several pieces of construction equipment for the Sabal Trail Pipeline. After initially claiming he fired at police, law enforcement has since backed down on this lie and is now refusing to release dash cam footage of Jim’s death. Duke Energy is behind both the Sabal Trail Pipeline in FL and the Atlantic Coast Pipeline which threatens our mountains, farms, and wetlands from West Virginia to North Carolina.

If built the ACP would destroy thousands of acres of fields and forests and escalate the climate crisis with the massive daily deliveries of fracked gas to Duke Energy’s gas power plants in the Carolina’s and beyond.

Join us in honoring the life of Jim Marker by protesting Duke Energy’s Atlantic Coast Pipeline this Memorial Day. Kill Pipelines not People!

Bring signs, banners, and friends!

To learn more about Jim’ life follow this link and scroll to the bottom of the page

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Letter Writing Night

In support of the Week of Solidarity Against Repression Blue Ridge Anarchist Black Cross will be hosting a political prisoner letter writing night at Firestorm Books and Coffee. We will be highlighting cases of folks such as Red Fawn Fallis who have been swept up in the recent wave of repression as well as long term political prisoners who are still in need of support. Join us if you can. Donations of envelopes, stamps, and money will be graciously accepted. The event will begin at 5pm at Firestorm Books and Coffee located at: 610 Haywood Rd. Asheville, NC
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Duke Energy Workers Greeted with Banners Against Atlantic Coast Pipeline

from the Earth First! Newswire

 Smoky Mountain Eco-Defense (SMED) took the fight against the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to the regional headquarters of Duke Energy on March 23rd  in Asheville, NC. Following the culmination of a two week long march against the pipeline in eastern NC, folks with SMED paid a visi t to Duke, a major backer of the pipeline, with signs reading “Stop the Atlantic Coast Pipeline” and “No Justice on Stolen Land”. SMED greeted Duke Energy wor kers coming back from their lunch break and received many an approving honk fr o m supportive drivers.

If built the ACP would bring fracked gas from the Marcellus and Utica shale fields of West Virginia d own through Virginia and into No rth Carolina. In addition to threatening thousands of acres of N ational Forest, wetlands, farms, and woodlands, the ACP threatens to destroy burial grounds and othe r sacred sites belonging to the Lumbee and Tuscarora tribes.  The amount of gas the pipeline will bring to  market would equal the greenhouse gas emissions created 20 new coal plants.

The good news is the ACP is facing stiff resistance along the entire length of the pipeline route. Many landowners have refused to sell their land or allow surveyors onto their property, and public hearings regarding the pipeline have been packed with people opposing it. SMED and others fighting the pipeline are now setting their sights on the Duke Energy shareholder’s meeting May 4. Word has it that Duke Energy is holding a virtual shareholders meeting online instead of at their headquarters, as is customary, in order to avoid protests. SMED and other groups resisting the pipeline intend to show Duke that ain’t going to work.

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